Official Opening Ceremony


Robert Weinbach - Producer (The Mutations; El Coleccionador de cadaveres) 

and to the Director José Carlos de Oliveira (Preto e Branco; Inês de Portugal)


 SATURDAY, November 3th 2012


SWEETHEART  9' (2012)

Sara is intrigued when her ex-colleague, Matthew, invites her out for a drink. Is it a date? A friendly catch-up? Or something altogether different?

Directed by Victoria Naumova


(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2228128/)

Cast: Peter Halpin, Lisa Gifford

(Presence of the Producer Elisar Cabrera and of the writer/actress Lisa Gifford) 


 FAMINTO 15' (2011)

Directed by Hernani Duarte Maria and Pedro Noel da Luz

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1739180/)

Winner of 4 Prizes at Cineuphoria Awards 2012 
(Top 10 Audience Award; Top Short-films; Best Photography; Best Supporting Actor)
Screened at SIC RADICAL TV 2012

In a garage at the end of the night. Through the dawn and dusk, a beautiful woman is walking towards her car. There are also three men, robbers who decide they want to have some fun. But this is only a minor problem...something else is hiding in the dark. Something much worse! 

 Cast: Sofia Reis, Henrique Pereira, 

    Philippe Leroux, 

Hugo Costa Ramos, 

Ines Tarouca, Patricia Castello Branco and Miguel Rufino

       (Presence of the directors Hernâni Duarte Maria, Pedro Noel da Luz and

 actress Sofia Reis nominated for Best Actress in the Cineuphoria Awards 2012)



Juri  Prize Cannes 2012

Narrowly avoiding jail, new dad Robbie vows to turn over a new leaf. A visit to a whisky distillery inspires him and his mates to seek a way out of their hopeless lives.

Directed by Ken Loach

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1924394/)





Directed bGuilherme Mesquita



Thriller, Road Movie

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1353810/)

Directed by Kevin Dobson

Cast: With John Jarratt (Wolf Creek)


Sunday, November 4th 2012 



DOENTIO (2010) 

Directed: Basil Al Safar  




                                                           ALÉM DE TI - 93' (2012) 




                                            Official Selection FESTIN 2012



Tomás and Sofia have been married for five years. 

 He works as a cartoonist in the local newspaper. She works in a hotel. Tomás dreams of being an artist. But he lacks the inner strength to achieve it. Raul, his best friend and his "Guardian Angel" insists on the highest quality of his paintings. But when everything seems to be happening, Tomás enters in an emotional crisis that keeps him increasingly apart from Sofia into a point that she does not recognize him anymore. Sofia begins to lose her mental sanity. She starts living in an unwanted isolation. In her dormant mental state, she begins to feel bad about what she discovers inside of her...She feels something evil coming closer and closer to her. Sofia realizes that her life became something that now she can not control anymore. Two parallel stories about two persons that look for each other but simultaneously fear one another.  

                                                                      Directed by João Marco

Cast: Mário Spencer; Joana Costa and Sofia Reis

                                         (Presence of the Director João Marco and 

Sofia Reis)




                                              HERÓIS OLIMPICOS 100' (2012) 

Projecto cinematográfico documental em duas partes sobre sete portugueses distinguidos com medalha olímpica, desenvolvido para a Direcção de programas de RTP pela Marginalfilmes, com realização de José Carlos de Oliveira, produção executiva de Ricardo Oliveira e o apoio da Câmara Municipal do Porto/Fundação Ciência e Desenvolvimento.

                                                                Director: José Carlos de Oliveira

                                                                           Executive Producer: 

                                                                    Ricardo Puglitz de Oliveira

                                                                           Delegate Producer:

                                                                         Artur Barros Moreira

(Presence of the Director José Carlos de Oliveira)  



AUGUSTE 6' (2012)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2162430/)

A new mysterious short film. Who is Auguste?

Directed by Amadeu Pena da Silva e Pedro Santasmarinas



THE MUTATIONS 92' (1974)


Students have been going missing from the local college, and the one person who knows what's happened to them is Dr. Noller, a rogue biologist. Not satisfied with the pace of natural selection in driving evolution, Noller wants to push things further by creating his own genetically engineered creations. Having already created some amazing specimins by mixing the DNA of plants and animals, the doctor has now set his sights higher, and want to work on modifying humans, as well.

Directed by Jack Cardiff

Cast: Donald Pleasance, Tom Baker, Brad Harris

     (Presence of Producer Robert Weinbach)



SPRAY 19' (2012)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2243539/)

A young painter is looking for an art gallery to do his first exhibition. However, things are not as easy as they seem, sometimes art can be found where no one expects.

                                                        Directed by Vico Ughetto 

                                                         Script Paulo Duarte Filipe

                                                   (Presence of Paulo Duarte Filipe)




FLORBELA (2012) 119'





Portugal, 1920. Florbela Espanca a woman ahead of her time and a famous poet, throws herself into a third marriage after two failed experiences. She believes that to please the new tender man in her life she has to act as a traditional housewife. So she stops writing but soon feels restless and frustrated. When her brother Apeles calls her to Lisbon she runs away from her too quiet home to join him. Together they throw themselves into the dark side of the capital: alcohol political riots open air balls and their strong mutual attraction.Florbela finds herself torn between two forces: the love of her husband and the turmoil brought by Apeles. When the latter dies, piloting a plan, her world collapses

Only one thing can save her: writing.

                                                            Directed by Vicente Alves do Ó

                                           Cast: Dalila Carmo, Ivo Canelas and

Albano Jerónimo

                (Presence of Vicente Alves do Ó and presented by the Producer Pandora da Cunha Telles)




DI ME QUE YO  14' (2008)

  Directed by Mateo Gil

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1409085/)

Cast: Fele Martínez, Judith Diakhate



ELA (2011)

Filmed in during the 9th BRAGACINE

Directed by JULIAN GRANT

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1409085/)

Cast: Serena Horn

Executive Producer: Artur Barros Moreira

Producer: Hugo Ferreira

Assistant Director: Justyna Garbacz

Associate Producer: Tiago Inácio

Editor: Raquel Moreira






                                                                        BLACKTHORN 98' (2011) 




In BolIvia, Butch Cassidy (now calling himself James Blackthorne) pines for one last sight of home, an adventure that aligns him with a young robber and makes the duo a target for gangs and lawmen alike. 

                                                                       Directed by Mateo Gil

                                                               Cast: Sam Shepard, Stephen Rea




                                                 BERLENGA - A ILHA DO FAROL 15' (2012) 

                                                    (IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2050466/)

Este documentário foi realizado por Paulo César Fajardo, em comemoração do 30º aniversário da Reserva Natural das Berlengas  e foi promovido pelo Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e da Biodiversidade (ICNB-RNB). O documentário pretende caracterizar as Berlengas numa primeira pessoa, através das pessoas que lá habitam e as que visitam o local. Segundo o realizador, cada pessoa caracteriza a ilha de forma diferente. Este documentário foi exibido no auditorio da Câmara Municipal de Peniche, no dia 4 de setembro de 2011, no mesmo ano em que a Reserva Natural das Berlengas foi designada como Reserva da Biosfera da UNESCO.


                                                                            Paulo César Fajardo


AMONG FRIENDS 102' (2012)


(Official Competition)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1984110/)


AMONG FRIENDS is a twisted horror about a dinner party gone wrong. Set against an 80s backdrop, good times take a dark turn when one in the group hijacks the evening in the name of Integrity. Through an attempt to help the others come clean about secret betrayals against one another, it's revealed who's willing to cut through the bone to expose the truth.

Directed by Danielle Harris

Cast: Christopher Backus, Jennifer Blanc


                                  Monday, November 5th 2012  




Cannes 2012 Short-film selection


           A acção desta curta, desenrola-se em tempos medievais, tendo como cenário de fundo a Vila de Ponte de Lima (Minho - Portugal). A história, pretende dar a conhecer duas personagens completamente distintas que vivem em mundos opostos. Apesar de não se conhecerem, existe algo em comum que as une, fazendo com que as "grandes" diferenças sociais afinal sejam atenuadas, mostrando que todo o ser humano na sua essência é igual e que partilha um mesmo estado de espírito, a Solidão. “Rasgos de Solidão” conta com um argumento e realização de Susana Luciano, e foi produzida pelo Grupo DUPLAFACE – Associação Cultural e Recreativa de Arcozelo e CAL – Comunidade Artística Limiana. 

  Directed by Susana Luciano




                   INÊS DE PORTUGAL  90' (1997)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119382/)

The consuming passion between Pedro I of Portugal and Ines de Castro is brutally interrupted when Ines is executed, as a consequence of political intrigue and in the name of the kingdom's interests. Pedro, cruelly hurt, pursues the single-minded purpose of avenging his lost love. He captures and kills the executioners, and compels the nobility to acknowledge Ines as his lawful wife and Queen of Portugal.

  Directed José Carlos de Oliveira

Cast: Cristina Homem de Mello, Heitor Lourenço

   (Presence of José Carlos de Oliveira)



        O TENENTE (2010)

(Trabalho final  da Licenciatura em Cinema da Universidade Lusófona)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1746599/)

Lisbon, 1910. Pedro Mello is a 30 year-old man with tough religious ideals and strongly devoted to the king of Portugal. But the Monarchy is being threaten by the increasing devotees of the Republic. Two days before the revolution, on October 3rd, Pedro decides to eliminate the main candidate to President of the first Republic of Portugal.

                                                Directed by Rafael Antunes 

Cast: Adriano Carvalho, João Perry, Rui Mendes and Rui Luís Brás

                                TV Movie

  SINBAD 90' (2011)


Basada en la obra de Álvaro Cunqueiro, Se o vello Sinbad volvese ás illas.
Esta película fue grabada en el ayuntamiento de Riveira, Santiago y Ames.
El argumento se basa en sentimientos como el amor, la amistad, la lealtad, la imaginación o la inteligencia...

  Directed Antón Dobao

Cast: Maria Blanco-Fafian, Camilla Bossa

  (Presence of the Producer Julio Casal)



    VATAÇA  15' (2012)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1739258/)


VATAÇA is a medieval evocation, inspired by the historical character of Lady Vataça of Lascaris. 

Princess Vataça came to Portugal with Queen Isabel of Aragon for her wedding to King Dinis of Portugal (13th century). She died in Coimbra and her impressive tomb in the Old Cathedral of Coimbra is surrounded by double-headed eagles, symbol of the Lascaris dynasty and the Byzantine Empire. In this fiction, VATAÇA's passion for a young gardener is returned. In a parallel narrative, we discover their love, punctuated by some anachronisms. This love is represented by a dancer, Vataça's soul. Isabel tells Vataça that, by decision of King Dinis of Portugal, she will marry an old man of the court. Years later, Vataça and the gardener meet again.

                                                      Directed by Miguel Vilhena


Maria von Cupper, Ricardo Barbosa, Maria O'Neill Cortes and Sofia Reis



            PRETO E BRANCO 102' (2003)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0441441/)

Um Homem Branco, 46 anos, que nunca conheceu a Metrópole, nascido e criado em Moçambique, sargento na unidade de tropas especiais do exército colonial português.

Um Homem Negro, 27 anos, que não conheceu África, criado em Lisboa, finalista de engenharia no Instituto Superior Técnico, entusiasta dos ideais de esquerda.

Os dois encontram-se em Moçambique, em plena guerra colonial, quando o Homem Branco, na conclusão de uma operação especial no mato captura o Homem Negro, acabado de chegar a África como voluntário para a luta dos movimentos de libertação.

Perdidos em território de guerra, os dois encetam uma caminhada em busca do aquartelamento colonial mais próximo. Durante essa caminhada encontram uma Enfermeira do exército português, alferes, também perdida no mato. A inversão das características destas personagens dá uma nova perspectiva da guerra colonial portuguesa e leva ao absurdo as razões de todas as guerras, do racismo e da posse da terra. 

  Directed by José Carlos de Oliveira

Cast: Cristina Homem de Mello, Jorge Parente

                                    (Presence of José Carlos de Oliveira) 



       FALHA DO SISTEMA  15' (2012)

Esmae - Politécnico do Porto


(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2347361/)

Official Selection FANTASPORTO 2012

Numa sociedade controlada pelo SISTEMA, uma variante nazi do Big Brother, que limita a privacidade dos cidadãos, João apaixona-se por Leonor, uma judia perseguida. Um inspector que os vigia, acaba por deixá-los em liberdade, reconciliando-se com o seu passado: ele era o avô de Leonor.

                                                                                    Directed by José Miguel Moreira

                                      Cast: Gracinda Nave, Pedro Lamares e José Pinto

Feature film

SHIVER (2012)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1800734/)

Wendy Alden, a young secretary in Portland lacking in self- confidence becomes victim of a savage killer who has claimed the lives of a number of other women. Somehow Wendy finds the resources of courage to fight back and escape.

Directed by Julian Richards

Cast: Danielle Harris, John Jarratt, Casper Van Dien

(Presence of the Producer Robert Weinbach)




      MUTTER  9' (2011)

(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2004305/)

The short film began from an adaptation of the comic book "The Last Man" from the collection Y. It takes place in a near future, in the world where human clones and human fight for power domination. Dr. Teresa is about to give birth a child. She is accompanied by her assistant. Both look for Dr. Pedro for assistance. He refuses at first.

                                                               Directed by  Rafael Antunes and Tony Costa

                              Cast: Anabela Teixeira, Francisco Areosa e Welket Bungué


         W.E. 119' (2011)



(IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1536048/)

Nominated for an Oscar 2012 - Best Achievement in Costume Design

In 1998, an auction of the estate of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor causes great excitement. For one woman, Wally Winthrop, it has much more meaning. Wally becomes obsessed by their historic love story. As she learns more about the sacrifices involved, Wally gains her own courage to find happiness.

  Directed by Madonna

Cast: Abbie Cornish, Andrea Riseborough and James D'Arcy


Tributes to:

Actress Anabela Teixeira and Cinematographer Tony Costa

Augusta Awards Ceremony and

Official Closing Session

Musical Performance of the Band Purple Weed


 Screening of the

Winner of the Best Short Film of the 10th BRAGACINE Edition

and of the 

Winner of Best Feature Film of the 10th BRAGACINE Edition